Pay off Credit Card Debt with a Personal Installment Loan

It may seem counterintuitive to take out a loan to pay off debt. However, consolidating your debt can be a wise decision and can empower you to control your financial future. So why take out a personal loan to eliminate debt?

Credit Cards Have Crushing Interest Rates

Instead of fighting mounting interest on your credit... More

How COVID-19 May Affect Your 2020 Tax Return

Millions of Americans were working from home last year. Many families converted their guest rooms, dining tables, and back patios into an office or a classroom.

Businesses either thrived beyond their projections or struggled to keep their doors open as daily needs changed for Americans practically overnight.

Of course, with the prior year so full of... More

How Major Life Events Impact Tax Filing

Your life is constantly changing.

Think back to where you were 5 years ago compared to where you are now. How many important life details have changed since then? When your life circumstances change, often your tax filing requirements change too.

Here are six of the most common life-changing events and how they affect your filing status.

1. I... More

4 Questions To Ask When You Need a Loan… Fast

You never know when you might need money fast.

But when you find yourself in a tight spot, it’s good to know what your options are.

Usually when people need quick money, they can choose between installment loans and payday loans.

At Midwest Finance, we offer installment loans exclusively.

While this type of loan is... More

Are Installment Loans Safe?

Sometimes you need to take a risk to stabilize your financial situation. But it’s important to know if a risky move will backfire on you, leaving you in a worse position than before.

If you need to take out a loan, you’re probably aware of how borrowing money can have harmful consequences. Careful consideration is needed... More

How To Claim Your Economic Stimulus Check On Your 2021 Taxes

The Coronavirus, or COVID-19, has caused financial hardship for millions of Americans. So far two Economic Impact Payments have been issued during the 2020 fiscal year.

Unfortunately, an estimated 12 million Americans have not received their economic stimulus checks in the full amount.

If you are still waiting to receive money from the government, you can claim... More

How To Rebuild Your Credit With An Installment Loan

So you’re trying to establish or rebuild your credit. There are many ways to do that, but one that you might not have considered is getting an installment loan.

Here are ways that you can rebuild your credit with an installment loan.

1. Make Sure The Lender Reports To All Three Credit Bureaus

If a loan company does... More

5 BIG Tax Changes You Need To Know Before You File In 2021

Before you file your taxes in 2021…

The IRS has made several changes to laws that will affect your tax return this year.

Here are 5 things you need about your 2021 tax return.

1. If You Didn’t Get A Stimulus Check, You Can Claim It As A Tax Credit.

If you never received a stimulus check (the IRS... More

5 Essential Tax Credits You Should Use In 2020

Before you file your taxes in 2020, it’s essential to make sure you know what tax credits you qualify for.

What is a tax credit?

A tax credit reduces the amount of taxes you owe and sometimes results in a big fat tax refund check from Uncle Sam.

Tax credits differ from tax deductions... More

3 Ways To Pay Off an Installment Loan Early

So you had a financial emergency come up earlier this year. Now you’re finally at the end of that challenging season, and you want to move forward.

If you’re trying to figure out how to pay off your installment loan early, this article will give you 4 very simple and practical tips to do so.

But first,... More