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When money is tight and an emergency comes up, Midwest is a finance company you can trust. We provide personal loans in Anthony, TX with low monthly payments. We’ve built a reputation for excellent service because we care about the well being of our customers.

While our personal loans are often referred to as “bad credit loans,” our commitment is to lend to customers from every credit situation — good and bad. We do everything we can to get as many people in Anthony, TX approved for a loan as possible.

If for any reason we cannot qualify you for a loan, there is another option to get the money you need.

We also offer title loans in Anthony, TX. Simply provide us with your vehicle’s title, and we can help you get a title loan up to $1,700 today.

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What Midwest Can Offer You:

Why do customers in Anthony, TX choose Midwest as their preferred loan place? The reasons are simple:

  • Professional Customer Service

    Our goal is to be the best personal loans provider in Anthony. An effortless and enjoyable experience is the primary service we provide to our customers. Offering installment loans is just an add-on.

  • Speedy Payouts

    If you need a personal loan today, Midwest Finance in Anthony, TX can take care of you. We offer same-day loans so that you can get in and out in no time.

  • Affordable Monthly Payments

    Nothing is more stressful than monthly bills that stretch your budget to the brink. So we break your loan into affordable equal monthly payments. That way, you can pay it off over several months up to a year.

Title Loans in Anthony, TX

Do you have poor credit history? We have a personal loan option for you.

Our title loans come with the same features as our installment loans, including:

  • Competitive interest rates
  • Extended loan terms to give you plenty of time to pay it off
  • Open credit status, which has a positive affect on your credit score
  • No prepayment penalties or early payoff fees

So what is a Title Loan anyway?

A title loan uses your car's title as collateral. We can lend you up to $1,700 as long as your vehicle is worth that much.

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People generally get a title loan if their credit score isn't high enough to obtain a regular installment loan. Using your car as collateral allows you to get a loan with bad credit. The barrier to entry is pretty low, which makes title loans accessible to everyone.

While title loans are not right for everyone, they may help when you're facing an urgent financial need and have to get money fast.

Whether you get a general personal loan or a title loan, you are guaranteed a product and experience that beats payday loans in every way.

Our loan offers come with fair rates and extended payment terms. That way you have plenty of time to pay it off.

If you need a title loan in Anthony, TX with a fixed interest rate, Midwest is the only financial service company you need to call.

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