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Need help filing your taxes? Midwest Finance is a professional tax service in Brownfield, TX serving customers like you everyday.

We’ll maximize your refund, get your money to you fast, and make the process easy.

Contact us today to schedule a meeting with your preferred tax preparer. Or come by for a walk-in appointment.

Tax Services We Offer:

✓ Applying for an ITIN
✓ Next-day tax refund advance
✓ Walk-in appointments
✓ 365 days per year service

✓ E-filing for fast refunds
✓ Filing taxes after filing season
✓ Spanish speaking agents

100% Accurate Tax Preparation

Our clients in Brownfield, TX trust us with their income tax preparation because we make sure it’s done right.

  • Maximize Your Refund

    Many people do not realize how many tax deductions and credits they can claim on their tax returns. If you don’t file your taxes correctly, you’re leaving money on the table. Let us help you get everything you are owed in your tax refund.

  • Get Paid In 24 Hours

    Midwest offers the fastest tax refunds in Brownfield, TX. With our special refund advances, you can get paid within 24 hours via check or the Faster Money Card. If you don’t want to wait for your tax return to process, you don’t have to. Call Midwest today.

  • Pay $0 Out Of Pocket

    At Midwest Finance, we don’t charge you any upfront costs to file your taxes. Our fee is deducted from your refund. So you don’t owe us any out of pocket expense for our services. It’s just one more way we keep our prices low and our customers happy.

What Makes Midwest The Best?

Many people are turning to online tax filing software to file their tax returns. Sound convenient? The problem is, if you have a question, you do not have a tax expert by your side who can help. Our friendly staff are available by appointment or walk-in for your convenience.

Our knowledgeable tax experts in Brownfield can ensure you the maximum return possible. And our e-filing option means your return will come to you faster than ever.

If you need tax assistance, Midwest is the most trusted tax place in the Brownfield, TX area. We help customers like you everyday because we’ve built a reputation for great service!

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The Tax System Is Complicated. But We'll Make It Easy.

Tax Laws are confusing, and tax forms are even more so. We'll help make the process simple. That way, you don't have to scratch your head trying to figure out the difference between a 1099, W-2, and form 1040.

Our tax professionals in Brownfield, TX are here to help you with your taxes every day of the year, not just during tax season.

We''ll work with you to determin which tax crediits and dedicutions you qualify for. Our goal is to make sure your taxes are filed correctly and to maximize your tax refund so that you walk away with money in your pocket.

If you're ready to speak with a tax expert in Brownfield about your tax return, please make an appointment today. We look forward to serving you.

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